In attendance: Jay, Max, Cam, Tom, Net, Pedro, Sophie


Absent: Ben

  • MIT JP social events (Megan May)
    1. monthly social is good
    2. more information at orientation for BO and AOSE students- Megan will write up suggestions
    3. ODGE funds can be used for events at MIT
  • Steinbach Scholar Updates
    1. Chem has nominations, is voting
    2. G&G have voted, will start invites
    3. AOPE is starting voting
  • ODGE funding decisions
    1. all events funded in some way
    2. all departments allocated funds for separate social events
  • ASA meeting March 11
    1. Jay attended
    2. ASA board needs 2 grad student members and 1 any-student member
    3. WHOI student group membership confirmation and anti-hazing notification
  • Red Sox Game
    1. 20 tickets requested by students
    2. we will buy an additional 10 to sell later
    3. no bus from WHOI, will organize carpooling
  • Summer Picnic
    1. Cam is lead
    2. Cam and Sophie working on financing
  • Dean Ortiz
    1. keeping eyes out for a good time to invite her to visit
  • Informing JP students of JP rep meetings
    1. email 1 week in advance
  • Anxiety and Mental Health
    1. course load
    2. students can send us comments (anonymous option in the contact form on our website,